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DO YOU OWN A PIANO THAT NOBODY PLAYS ANYMORE? For one reason or another, many homes have a piano that is no longer played by those who loved it. BUT,WE HAVE GREAT NEWS FOR YOU! Our trained technicians here at Graftons can convert your present piano to a State-Of-The-Art player piano. Imagine, having  your piano play itself for parties, when you have friends over, or just quietly providing beautiful music for that special candlelight dinner.


Do you remember these?

player roll

For years player pianos used paper piano rolls to playback favorite songs. Piano player roles were “High Tech” years ago – but now it’s possible to upgrade your present piano with today’s best digital player system – even if your piano has an old system such as PianoDisk or Disklavier, your piano can be easily updated with the ‘brains’ of the amazing PNOmation II system by QRS. Upgrade your old player Piano, turn your present piano into a player, or  select a new or rebuilt piano here in our showroom and have the QRS PNOmation system installed before it’s delivered. With the largest music library available, thousands of piano songs are available to you.


QRS renown library - Grafton Piano & Organ Co.




No need to add yet another remote control to your collection, QRS operates wirelessly from you smartphone or tablet – even a laptop may be used.

PNOmation II smartphone - Grafton Piano & Organ Co.



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If you are looking for a piano tuner or piano repairs, our staff of factory-trained technicians can handle any of your piano service and tuning needs. Grafton Piano & Organ Co. is also able to help you with rebuilding or restoring your present instrument. One of our more recent additions is our ability to convert your present instrument to a player piano using a state-of-the art digital player system – and yes, the keys actually move!! These simple to use units not only play music from removable media or your smart phone, but also are able to record your performance.

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