Digital Pianos

What is a Digital Piano? Digital Pianos differ greatly from earlier electronic pianos in that they are actual digital recordings of real pianos – often large concert Grand Pianos. When you play a quality digital Piano from Kawai or Yamaha the sound and even the touch of a real piano are evident. Kawai goes even further by using real wood-core piano keys in many of their models. Even the unique sounds made by the dampers and piano plate resonance (frame) are reproduced.


Kawai digital pianos at Grafton Piano & Organ Co.



Other advantages of Digital Pianos are they do not require tuning or periodic adjustment, they have many other sampled sounds (organ, orchestral, etc.) and almost always come with a headphone jack for ‘peaceful practicing’!

See the YouTube video at the bottom of this page to get a taste of the great sounds and features you get with a Kawai Digital Piano.




We have many new and used Digital Pianos from Kawai and Yamaha to chose from. Why not stop in and hear why so many people are choosing Digitals over acoustic pianos. We have a large selection of new and used digital pianos. We are unique in that we deliver and provide support for our products (no outside vendors) locally in the North Penn area, as well as from Allentown through Philadelphia all the way to Cape May in Southern New Jersey.


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